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All About the Board

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Let’s talk about your Board of Directors (or Trustees). As a nonprofit organization, you will be required to have a Board that governs.

Who should serve on the Board?

Board Members should maintain good character, have the time to commit to their duties as a Board Member, and be willing to use their personal and professional resources to advance the organization. In addition, they should, of course, be committed to the cause of the organization. Also, keep in mind that you want Board Members who will always be thinking in terms of forward motion and improvement as well as Members who are true team players.

Who should not serve on the Board?

Board Members for a nonprofit should not be paid by the nonprofit organization, so anyone seeking compensation will not be a good fit. Board Members should not oversee the organization’s employees on a daily basis, so staff members are not a good fit if they serve under the Executive Director.

What is the role of the Board?

Board Members seek to advance the mission and vision of the organization, always working toward the success of the organization. They own this role and work to hold the senior staff accountable to predetermined outcomes. The illustrations go into detail for each member's role on the Board. Do you have a working board that is adding value and bring their experience to the table? Have you communicated the role and task required to hold the position?

It is vital to understand the role, leadership, and organization of a Board. Check out the Impact Academy on the Collective Impact App for much more on the Board Governance, Leadership, Team Building, and Conflict Resolution for your organization.

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