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Give 8/28 Recap

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Give828 experience was incredible and it reinforced the power of commUNITY. We're so thankful to everyone who volunteered, donated, and supported the online giving event!

We're inspired by the outpouring of support for Black-led organizations during #Give828, and particularly proud of the leadership role of Ebonie Johnson Cooper founder of The Young Black and Giving Back Institutes and #Give 8/28 partners have taken in increasing social awareness and supporting these worthy organizations. Shout out to CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC, a Give828 partner and one of our network CPAs.

We're proud of all the participants. Rather it's your first fundraiser or your 300th you showed up and gave it your all!

This year's Give 8/28 raised $177,695 with the support of 1,622 donors for Black-led Nonprofits at no cost to them. The Collective Impact community nonprofits raised over $16K, collectively!

As a company that dedicates itself to serving nonprofits of color, we are constantly inspired by the organizations we support—and the stories they share!!!

However, what you're seeing from #give828 is just a drop in the bucket compared to what's possible. We can do even more as a collective group if we learn from this experience and build upon it.

So what did we learn from this event and how can we improve our fundraising?

We learned that there are three critical pieces to effective event organization: Planning, execution, and fundraising. Not everything is about the lead event. Leading events get people excited about the cause and keep them there - encouraging them to follow through and advocate for their chosen issues. Organizations that did Live videos, had a higher result. Executing events well requires that we find ways to engage and inspire people beyond just the lead event. And - equally importantly - make sure that we are staying constantly on message and in tune with our communities; doing everything we can to avoid divisions within our campaigns.

Use these tips on how to raise awareness and build upon the Give 8/28 momentum.

  1. Thank each donor and invite them to future impact. It can be short and sweet email or phone call.“Thanks for making an impact by giving this year. We will reach out to you about next year's campaign.”

  2. Make sure you update your Donor tracking information. Everyone who donated to your organization is a vital asset. Stay in touch with them.

  3. If you're not satisfied with the outcome of your campaign, don't be discouraged. Look at what worked for other organizations and apply lessons to your own organization.

Reach out to us for help if you didn't meet your fundraising goals.

Our experienced operations consultants' can create a strengths-based post-campaign survey to learn about what you did well and where there’s room to grow. You can schedule a consultation through the collective Impact App or here.

We would love to see our followers and supporters continue to be proactive when it comes to supporting Black-led nonprofits. Lets continue to show up with excellence and start planning for next year's #Give828 day.

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