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How To Gain Support And Influence Donors!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Did you know that as a nonprofit organization, you have four segments of constituents? Most NPOs fall short because they try to communicate to all four groups at the same time. We discuss each segment more in detail in Impact Academy's Market Research and Strategy course. You can purchase access to Impact Academy monthly subscription through the Collective Impact App or on our website.

Since August is Black Philanthropy Month, we will focus on the Donor Segment for this post. But before we dive deeper into marketing to your Donors, take a moment to review your last social media post or email you sent. What was the strategy behind it?

What's the Goal?

Step One in the process to gain support and influence Donors is to determine your goal. What do you want them to do? Donate, right. But how much will it be a reoccurring monthly contribution? All goals need to be S.M.A.R.T Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Timely. Ex: We will increase online donations by 30% by 2025.

Donor Management

Step two: Gather data on your Donors. Again we discuss types of research and where to find them in the Impact Academy course. Facebook and Instagram could be a great start. That's assuming that everyone who follows your page has donated to your organization before. Please do not assume that EVERYONE is a potential Donor. To be honest, not everyone is passionate about the cause you serve.

The data you obtain should answer a few questions such as:

  • What are your Donor's preferences?

  • Why do they care about supporting your organization?

  • How do they prefer to give?

The answers to these questions should help you accomplish your GOAL in Step One.

Ways to Influence Donors

We all have that friend that only calls when they need or want something. That person is frustrating, and sometimes we don't always answer their calls or read their messages. You don't want to be that friend. Donors will ignore and avoid you because they feel you only WANT something from them. Take time to develop genuine relationships with them and invite them into the IMPACT.

  • Direct Marketing: reach out to your Donors personally. This can be through phone calls or Zoom meetings.

  • Scrub your Donor data and look for patterns. Is there any way you can improve the giving process?

  • Create a donor appreciation campaign where you highlight donors and show your appreciation for their support.

Develop a Marketing Strategy for Donors

The Data gathered is to understand your donors better. It tells how to communicate with them and where to post content online. Dedicate certain days or posts to execute your donor marketing strategy. This month is Black Philanthropy month; all of your attention should be on communicating impact and inviting donors to get involved.

We're close to year-end. Start 2022 with intentionality and invest in your marketing campaigns. We'll analyze marketing data for your segments, create objectives, and give direction for the marketing strategies. Our team will begin your campaign after you submit the requested information (data). The Google Form will be sent after payment is received.

Marketing Strategy Sessions are 90 mins you will get:

  • Persona Avatars to better understand each segment

  • Relevant goals and objectives established for EACH segment.

  • Marketing Strategy to accomplish objectives

  • A Social Media template designed with your Brand Guidelines.

Invest in your organization in a way that will set the tone for the future. This can help save time and energy because you will know what to post and where. No matter if you're creating content yourself or have staff/volunteers to post on your social platform.

Hire Our Network!

Our Marketing network is available to hire for Strategy Sessions, content creation, and scheduling.

Together we can develop effective and relevant campaigns that inspire your community to get involved, which means you can Impact more lives. Let's get started. Purchase your Strategy Session Here

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