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Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back

You work hard to recruit reliable, valuable volunteers. What actions can you take to make sure they keep coming back?

1. Clear Communication

Make sure you collect their contact information and share yours upfront. This way they can reach out if they are running late or unable to make their appointed time to volunteer. Be sure to communicate any change of plans, and reach out with a “thank you” after their time of service.

Make sure their tasks and roles are clearly communicated. Model the given role whenever necessary to show them how you would like to see the job completed. This gives volunteers confidence and alleviates further questions.

2. Play to Their Strengths

Ask their strengths and interests up front to place them in a role in which they will be successful and enjoy. However, there may come a time when it still does not feel like a good fit.

For example, a volunteer who was placed outside helping with facility work may be slow in their work and easily distracted. Yet when you ask them to come inside the building and help with an administrative task, they take charge and get the job done. The outdoors was just not their cup of tea, but you have seen another area of strength where they can succeed and support.

3. Show Them Love

Greet them by name each time they show up. Make sure they feel seen and wanted. Ask them questions about themselves and learn about their family, their interests, and what brought them to be involved.

Did you know that April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week this year?

Plan a safe celebration or a small goody bag to say thanks to your volunteers. Send a card or note of gratitude. Celebrate their birthday. Make it a point to recognize or celebrate your volunteers periodically.

For other resources on volunteer engagement, download our ebook which can be found under the Resources tab in our app.

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