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Key to Servant LEADERSHIP

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

No matter if you are a CEO or a Founder of a nonprofit, leadership is more than a title. It is a skill that must be continuously improved. There are many books on Leadership, communication and inspiring a team. All important when running or starting a nonprofit organization. Everyone is a Leader! However, some people struggle with certain aspects of being a Leader, especially if you were a solo entrepreneur before starting a nonprofit.

This is a safe space and we're here to help you become phenomenal Servant Leaders. This Spring will be have a course with an entire module dedicated to keys of leadership. Until then, videos have been added in our App under the Leadership Development tab. Learn from industry leaders who have IMPACTED the world. This week we will highlight teaching from Dr. Myles Munroe. The profound definition about Leadership from Dr. Munroe is above. Do you agree with it?


Do you have the Capacity to influence others?

What inspires you to serve your community?

Are you passionate about your mission?

What was the vision behind the organization?

What principles convict you?

What is your purpose and is it mirrored in the organization?

Feel free to comment in the community section any take aways from the content and we can get the conversation started.

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