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Resources Your Nonprofit Needs!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Running and operating a nonprofit is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of moving parts. From daily operational tasks to managing a board, donor engagement, fundraising, not to mention serving the community. We understand and are here to serve those who serve others. We are honored to provide support for nonprofit, with educational workshops/webinars, valuable content, and customized consulting services tailored to the organization’s unique target market and need. We hope these resources listed help your organization make more impact in the community.

Below we included some resources to get you started. Download our interactive eBook for more resources!


Donations can be monetary, physical, or intangible. Anytime someone donates a physical object or shares their professional expertise, you’re most likely dealing with an in-kind donation. For example, a graphic designer creates your logo pro bono. In-kind donations are beneficial to both parties. It’s a tax write-off for the company/professional and the value of the goods or services received can be include on the nonprofit’s financial statement. Don’t forget to write a letter thanking the contributor and posting pictures online. Appreciation goes a long way in the nonprofit world.


The Hatchette Group donates more than 100,000 copies annually,from a single signed copy fora fundraiser to large quantities for a struggling school district. Visit their website If your 501 c3 organization line up with their mission and goals email your request to


Printing brochures and flyers to increase awareness of your mission/event can get very expensive. 4 Imprint wants to help make the world a better place through their one by one program. Each business day they give three worthy organizations $500 in promotional

products to spread the word, recruit volunteers, thank donors, offer comfort to someone in need, or in some other way turn one thing into something much more.

▶ Application are due two months before your event.

▶ Organizations can only receive the grant once every 12


▶ Donation recipients must be a 501(c)(3) organization, a

school, a religious organization or a registered Canadian


▶ To Apply for this promotional marketing grant complete

Collective Impact_Resources your Nonprof
Download • 2.22MB

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