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Have you ever worked with an awful team? Was that team productive? We've all been there. The mix of personalities, egos and lack of communication can tear down any team's morale. We understand that a stellar team is bound to make a positive IMPACT on your Nonprofit Organization. Coming March 2021, we will have a Course exclusive only own our App platform for Nonprofit Organizations. There are classes dedicated to team building and conflict resolution that can help you elevate your teams of volunteers, board and staff.

Contrarily to popular belief, a team assembled of the same personalities(group think)can destroy innovative ideas. There are 5 different types of people you need on a team but we will discuss that further in our course. Here are three tips you can implement today to increase your team's productivity.

#1 Everyone needs to share the same values and have similar goals.

When interviewing and networking with potential partners, volunteers etc., you should know what you values and goals are and connect on that. For instance, if your organization mission is to serve the youth seek out others who have that same passion.

#2 Open Communication

Know that you know what you value/mission you need to communicate that to others. Stay focused on WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. It's also great to know what others goals are and make a conscious effort to help them reach their goals as well. Being open to help others reach their goals builds trust. It's easier to work with someone you trust.

#3 Be Kind, Work Hard and Be Humble

The "kindness is weakness" myth is why people put up a facade like they don't care and have it all together. That all goes against the Word of God. Jesus was kind but he also stood up for his values and communicate it in a way people could understand (parables). As a faith-based or community based nonprofit organization it is dangerous to your organizations reputation to treat people as if they are dispensable. What's more important? achieving mission (see #1) or looking like you are better than everyone else?? It's a hard pill to swallow, but necessary to build and maintain a stellar team. Be teachable, it's ok if you don't have all the answers. That is why you have a team! Lead from the front, don't expect anyone to do anything you wouldn't do yourself.

This is a great list to get you started with assembling and maintaining a stellar team. As always, if you have any questions or want suggestions on books or podcast to help in this area, we'd love to help.

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