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When Trouble Comes

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

For anyone who works with people in any capacity, conflict is inevitable. There will be times when you disagree, cannot see eye to eye, have two different solutions, or cannot agree on the next right step. Someone may grow weary, aggravated, annoyed, or frustrated. As humans, we will also bring our own life frustrations, our past experiences, and our judgments into our work. Again, conflict is inevitable.

So what are we to do when it arises?

We can be three things:



and a good listener.


When conflict arises, it is important to resolve it quickly. If left unattended, the conflict can grow and evolve. If addressed quickly, the matter can be resolved, all parties can come to an agreement, and the work can continue.


When conflict arises, it is important to engage with empathy. What are the needs of the other party? Where are they coming from? What are their concerns? Knowing these can help both parties compromise or reach a solution.

A Good Listener

Along the same lines, when conflict arises, it is vital to listen first. Be open to the voices of others, be open to possible solutions, and listen to how they are feeling or how they perceive the issue at hand.

James tells us to “be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger” (James 1:19). We will face conflict, but we can be part of the solution when we remember these wise words.

For even more on conflict resolution, make sure to engage in the Impact Academy where Dr. Sherman Green leads us in this topic.

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